Illness and Disease

As with all pets, they might eventually fall ill, and get stricken with disease.

The fortunate thing is that, parrotlets rarely do fall ill! If they are fed a healthy and complete diet, given fresh water daily, and lots of play time.

One of the only parrots that I had that fell ill a couple of times was my very first cockatiel, which was a result of it being very picky, ate only white millet seeds and rejected all fresh fruits and vegetables. This is why I am very adamant about starting off all babies on the correct diet from their weaning process. The other was a young parrotlet I saw which was suffering from infections, malnutrition and in general bad shape at the shop.

They can in fact, live their entire lives over the decade without any health issues. What is more likely to happen though, would be injuries and accidents. So please do be careful! They’re tiny and curious birds, and can get into all sorts of trouble.

DISCLAIMER: The information here is meant to guide new parrotlet owners on the possible ailments that their parrotlets could be afflicted with. As with all pet keeping, please do perform your own research, and in most cases, consulting a vet will be your best bet.


How Do I Know It’s Sick?

Parrotlets are highly energetic, active and chirpy birds. If at any point you realize it’s not eating its food, puffed up in a ┬ácorner and being generally lethargic in a corner, you need to start taking action.

A parrrotlet’s stools is also a very good indicator of general bird health. It should be small, well formed, dark green and consistent. You should be familiar with how healthy droppings look like after having your parrotlet for a couple of weeks. Certain colored foods may stain the stools, and an increase in fruits in the diet may make it more watery too. It should not be large, formless and sticky/slimy. If they are, it is advisable for it to be looked at by an avian vet.


Avian Vets in Singapore

I would not be the best person to advise on home remedies or cures, and my best advice would always be to bring it to a qualified vet.

Unfortunately, there are not many avian experienced vets here in Singapore, but here are two clinics which I have brought my feathered babies to before, and they all made a full recovery!



Dr. Kenneth Tong

Blk 716, YISHUN ST. 71, #01-254
Singapore 760716

Tel: (65) 6853 9397
Fax: (65) 6853 3949


The Animal Clinic Katong Branch (East)

Dr Hsu Li Chieh

55 Lorong L Telok Kurau
#01-63 Bright Centre
Singapore 425500

Tel: 64404767 / 64402336