Building a playpen for our Parrotlets

Building a playpen for your bird can be fun! It’s a little something that E and I enjoy. Like eager parents we’ll await to see the bird’s first reaction when we unveil the grand plan. Today, we’re sharing a post on our recent playpen construction for the parrotlets. Just like humans, they get bored too. Hence once in a while, we’ll try to build a new playground for them to keep them entertained.

Due to their small physique, our birds can pretty much share the same accessories as hamsters. You can get hold of a small house like the one below for only $4. Comes with multiple entrances/exits which the bird can dive in and out of.


Next, we got a pack of edible wood for hamsters from Living World along with a wooden stick from Daiso. A pack of 6 edible sticks costs only $3 and the Daiso wood costs $2. The reason why we got the edible sticks is because E has this paranoia that the parrotlets may chew on the perches and consume any artificial treating reagents used on processed wood. If you’re not too particular about this, pick any wood you like:)


Grab a few nails and start hammering them into the Daiso wood which will form the core of your stand.


Likewise, you should also drill a hole in your nibblers to allow insertion into the nail.


You may then fit the nibblers into the nails. Fasten with glue if needed.


We got a rabbit’s litter pen as the base, and E drilled a hole into the Daiso wood and fastened it to the grill with a few washers and a wood screw.


Wala~ upright and fixed.


Here’s how the rabbit litter pen looks with our self made perch assemble. Not too bad yea? You can always get a bigger box if you wish depending on the size you desire. They’re sold in any pet store and it costs only $10!


Last but not least, remove the packaging and place the hamster house along with a metal food tray onto the setup. And there you have it! A self made parrotlet playpen for only $22!


We’ll return with shots of the birdies in the playpen so stay tuned! 🙂

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