About Us


This is a site where we consolidate and share our knowledge on keeping parrotlets, along with some specific tips on keeping them in sunny Singapore!


How We Got Started On Parrotlets

It all began on the faithful month of February in 2004, when we bought our first Pacific Blue Parrotlet baby – Titan (his full name was Azure Titan).


Not much was known about Pacific Parrotlets in Singapore back in 2004. Local parrot enthusiasts forums were buzzing about this new blue parrot, smaller than even the budgies and lovebirds. The only information we had was from the Internet, where they were more popular in the U.S. I eventually managed to get the contact of a local breeder, and fell in love immediately with baby Titan.

He was 4 months old, a really sweet fellow with cobalt blue strikes running down the sides of his eyes and inner feathers. He was very active, always coming out to play, and was a star in our monthly gatherings of the members of the forum.


The Wife

Three months later, we decided to get him a mate – a 3 months old Pacific Blue Parrotlet baby, which we named – The Wife.

Fortunate enough, these 2 bonded instantly and in January 2008, they successfully became proud parents to a nest of 4 pacific blue parrotlet babies (1 baby girl and 3 baby boys).

Of the batch, we kept only 2 babies – Princess (the eldest girl) and Raffles (the eldest boy).


Over the subsequent years, we got Princess and Raffles each a mate and they set up their own family units. Soon, the family tree grew tremendously and we found ourselves constantly surrounded by baby parrotlets, which were a always bundles of joy in the house.


Through the years, we’ve gathered much experience and know-how on the breeding and care of these Pacific Blue Parrotlets.

It’s been our joy and pride to see the family grow and for others to appreciate the beauty of this parrot breed.

Passing of a Patriarch

Unfortunately in 2013, Titan left us (age 9) due to old age, but his legacy lives on through the generations of young he has left behind.

It is also at this juncture, that we decided to explore outside of the color mutations of Pacific Blue Parrotlets and Green Parrotlets.


New Members!

In 2014, we’ve adopted a pair of American White Parrotlets (or Dilute Blue Parrotlets). Since the adoption in January 2014, they’ve settled in really well and grew accustomed to their new home.

In late March 2014, they laid their first nest of 5 eggs and we are extremely excited at the birth of new lives since the sad departure of Titan in late 2013.



Enjoy Your Visit!

We hope to share this new journey with you through this site so stay tuned for regular updates!

If you’ve any questions or tips on Parrotlets which you’d like to share with us, feel free to drop us a message! 🙂