Introducing, Raffles! (ok, reintroducing)

Hi All!

So far we’ve always been posting photos of Xiao Bai, but this time, we’re introducing Raffles for a change!

He is the oldest of the flock, a seniorĀ at 8 years old, and totally acts like one. He moves slowly and steadily, a total sweet heart who doesn’t nip or struggle.

Even during his regular trimming, he takes it like a pro. XB still whines and complains.

His feathers are kinda in disarray now, after the tumultuous breeding session with XKB (to be introduced at a later date)!


Here he is with a spray of millet, but he is more interested in us and the surroundings.


Probably due to the fact that he is male, he makes a lot more chatter as compared to XB. He will even mimic the clicks I make with my tongue, or the whistling.


Raffles is significantly larger and heftier then XB, and it becomes very evident when the both of them are sitting on your fingers.

Even with him being so old, he is still seriously “sticky”! He’d be flying to your finger on a command’s notice and would sit happily with you.

He had his first play date with XB too, but that’d be coming up in another post!

See you next time with more!


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