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First date – XB and Grass

We brought the 2 birds out for a little date! Like humans, parrotlets need time to get acquainted and they need to grow to like each other. We would score it 3/10, mainly because XB was being overly aggressive towards Grass. It’s going to take some time but we’ll get there! 🙂


It wasn’t easy getting a shot of both of them together, hopefully it gets better, so stay tuned! We’ll be back with new shots this week! 🙂



Meanwhile, as XB was trying her best to get a bite of Grass, Grass couldn’t stop trying to run towards XB. A very bad combination. Our fingers ended up as chew toys many times, when we try to block a bite from XB meant for Grass. But like all good things, we shall be patient!

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Coffee Bird or Me?

Hello! We’re back with more cute pictures of our adorable American White Parrotlet – XB. This week, she was introduced to the Nescafe capsules! Doesn’t she look adorable sitting next to these bite size capsules?


It’s a bird’s natural instinct to nibble at all things new. XB being an adolescent, has yet to realize the potential of her full strength. Don’t be deceived by a parrotlet’s petite physique, their bite is extremely strong (relative to their size) and they can definitely puncture the capsule. (Yes, a parrotlet’s bite draws blood)


Ain’t she adorable?


XB’s attempt at a self-head-rub.. using the capsule.

DSC05707 DSC05710

The capsule makes a great toy because it’s colorful so it captivates the parrotlet. It’s rounded on its edge therefore it rolls. XB could go on for hours rolling and biting the capsules, what a great way to self entertain!


We’ll be back with updates on the Green Parrotlet which has yet to be featured in any posts yet. So stay tune! 🙂

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White and Blue

XB has been with the family for about 5 months now. We’ve always kept her in isolation from the rest of the Parrotlets as she needed additional care to nurse her back to health (we’ll elaborate more on this in a separate post on XB’s journey from near death till her recovery) Because of how she was mishandled previously, it also took additional efforts for us to rehabilitate her and get her accustomed to humans. Now that she is stable and happy, she’s been placed along side the rest of the Parrotlet families in the balcony. Over the holiday, we took both XB and Raffles out for the afternoon. DSC05613 Generally we do not recommend putting 2 parrotlets together because they’re quite territorial. Even introducing a male-female pairing takes a while to slowly bring them together. Hence we were extra cautious when XB and Raffles shared the playpen together that afternoon. DSC05612

As you can see, they were very wary of each other.


Raffles being the senior was of course more composed. He also had an upper hand in the occasional “fights”.


XB being the kid that she is, was absolutely fearless and couldn’t give a s*it. I’d say she was pretty darn fierce too hahaha 🙂


Well, E did have to step in once in a while to reprimand the two. Another demonstration of how birds can be pretty nonsense, requiring discipline too! 🙂


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The Furry & Feathery Gang

Birds are fast learners. After hanging out a couple of times in the same setting, XB was getting too comfortable and she kept trying to sit on my shoulder (which is very annoying because she’ll keep flying back to your shoulder each time you put her back into the playpen.)

This is a sign that she is bored, thus I scouted for a new friend for her – Teddy.


I’d like to say that they became close pals. XB took a fancy in Teddy’s fur and started preening him non-stop. First there was his knitted sweater..


Then it was his beard.


And his toes..


It took her a while to settle back down and let me get a proper shot of them two. So adorable isn’t it?


Ending the post with XB’s yawn which coincidentally looked like she is claiming her territory, declaring her dominance over Teddy. Ok, it’s really just a yawn 😛


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XB Frolicking with a stretched paper clip

Every animal has their playful side. Parrotlet is no different!

In the last bonding time spent over the weekend, besides insisting to stand on my hand as I type on the keyboard, XB spent a great deal of time exploring objects on the tabletop.

Parrotlets can see a full spectrum of colors (unlike dogs who are colorblind) and they’re particularly attracted to bright, vibrant objects.

In between my follow up training (as instructed by E) to teach her “Pick Up”, I realize she has a strong affinity to chew on the paper clip that was meant to be the “teaching prop”.

I turned her on her belly and handed her the paper clip. She entertained herself for a good 5 mins, chewing away in the most UNGLAM poses.

It was till this moment, that I realize she really wasn’t as graceful as I had expected. You’ve been warned.

DSC05389DSC05401DSC05406She was in all sorts of angles, frolicking that stretched out paper clip. It was hilarious.




It never fails to amaze me how once Parrotlet “stamps” their chop of affirmation on the object, you can do anything with it and they’re fine by that. So, I gave her a headscratch using the paper clip. She was more than delighted.

DSC05328 DSC05322

There you have it, XB’s unglam moments. Till next time! 🙂

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Hello world!

We’re currently expecting our first batch of babies from the newly adopted American White (Diluted Blue) Parrotlets. Initially 5 eggs were laid but the mother bird got into a little accident where her feet was injured and hence she was away from the nest for more than 12 hours.

As a result, the first egg died. We’ve since removed the bad egg and now it leaves 4 hopeful eggs in the nest. The expected date of delivery for the first egg is set for 21st April 2014. Fingers crossed! 😛


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