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First date – XB and Grass

We brought the 2 birds out for a little date! Like humans, parrotlets need time to get acquainted and they need to grow to like each other. We would score it 3/10, mainly because XB was being overly aggressive towards Grass. It’s going to take some time but we’ll get there! 🙂


It wasn’t easy getting a shot of both of them together, hopefully it gets better, so stay tuned! We’ll be back with new shots this week! 🙂



Meanwhile, as XB was trying her best to get a bite of Grass, Grass couldn’t stop trying to run towards XB. A very bad combination. Our fingers ended up as chew toys many times, when we try to block a bite from XB meant for Grass. But like all good things, we shall be patient!

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Heavy heart

We posted sometime ago that we were expecting our first batch of American White Parrotlet babies. Unfortunately, they were all infertile. We’ve since removed the nest to let the pair recuperate. It’s sad to see the eggs not work out, but we’ve been warned that American White is a relatively new color mutation of Parrotlets so they might be less prolific compared to the other Blue/Green mutations due to prior inbreeding.

I thought XB’s expression below was a perfect expression of a heavy heart with a sad news. So solemn.


Well, there is always next time! Ending the post with a hopeful expression from XB as well. Amazing how they can pull off so many different emotions with those tiny eyes and small beak 😛


 Till then! 🙂

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