XB’s Road to Recovery!

Hello! We’re finally back from our holiday! Thanks for checking back on this space regularly while we were away! As a first post back from the long break, we’ve chosen to share the recovery journey of XB.

Most would know that we rescued XB from a local pet store. She was found in an abandoned corner amongst the stacks of cages along with the rest of the baby birds awaiting keen buyers.

Unfortunately for XB, she was sharing the corner with 2 other parrotlets (1 green 1 blue) who were fitter and much stronger than she was. Naturally, she was out competed for food and eventually fell terribly ill.

When E found her, she was barely responding and was hiding in a corner, resigned to her fate. Without hesitation, E bought her immediately (even though he knows it is not exactly the right thing to do, supporting not-so-conscientious pet shops) and took her over to a vet to get some immediate medical attention.

XB was found to be infested with mites on her feathers, discolored and sticky faeces that stuck to her feathers which suggested an infection. Given the terrible state she was in, the vet was certain that XB would likely be down with multiple types of infection, ranging from fungal to bacteria. He then recommended to put XB on all 3 types of antibiotics, instead of spending the extra dollars and precious time on the testing. The vet even showed a clipping of XB’s feathers under the microscope to E, where he saw tons of crawling mites. A quick check on XB’s chest also revealed that she was severely malnourished and underweight. Something even E noticed when handling XB.

Below is a snapshot of XB’s medication. They came in tiny droplet bottles for ease of feeding.


The mites medication was issued in a syringe for application under her wings.


The entire process was over a month long. Slowly but surely, we began seeing results as XB regained more strength, and she started to chirp like a happy bird would. Though still wary of humans, she became calmer and less defensive towards us over the course of the medication. We imagined it wouldn’t have been too pleasant for her to be stuffed with all these medicines twice a day. The medicine feeding times were also used to try and get her used to human interaction and gaining her trust. XB did spend 24/7 eating after she got her strength back, and learnt how to use the bottle in 5 minutes after E demonstrated its usage to her.

This was XB after 3 weeks of medication. We didn’t take a photo of her initial arrival as it was simply too unbearable. However, you can probably infer from the picture below on how ill she was when she first arrived. XB was barely even white (more like grey) LOL!


She also had several bald patches all over from the malnutrition and mites (her right cheek). For the first 8 weeks, she feasts like a hungry ghost. Mainly due to the dark days of going hungry in the bird shop. Each time we top up her food bowl, she would spend hours and hours stuffing everything down in fear that there might be no next meal.



After several months of tender loving care, we’re delighted at the results we’ve achieved. XB is now a balanced, cheerful and happy parrotlet!

Extremely cuddly and inquisitive. A huge contrast from her childhood days. We look forward to providing her a warm and loving home till her old age 🙂



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